Electrical Repair Solutions

Does your home or office have electrical malfunctions? Don’t delay. Call Powers Electric today for electrical repair services. We are experts in identifying electrical problem areas and their root causes. Many customers have been highly satisfied by our fast and effective long term electrical repair solutions. You can rest assured that your home or office’s electrical problems will be fixed promptly and professionally.



Our electricians provide expert information about the electrical health of your home or office. When you have a problem and go to the doctor, they make sure to identify and diagnose any problem you have that is connected to the problem. In the same way we diagnose not only the problem but also any other potential electrical problems in your home or office. It’s good to have an electrician assess the quality of your entire electrical configuration as a preventative measure as well. Our electricians present a detailed diagnosis with a suggested course of action for electrical repair.


When should I get a diagnosis?

If you have any questions or concerns about the electrical well-being of your home or office, give us a call. We are here to serve you with honesty and integrity. Whether it’s a flickering light to a fried electrical panel, we are your local friendly electrician that’s here to help.


Electrical Repair Process

Powers Electrical Solutions only makes quality repairs for customers. The electrical repair process is simple and straightforward. Each solution is determined based on solving the immediate issue as well as longevity. The electricians don’t repair what isn’t broken or potentially harmful to the customer. Also, solutions are presented to the customer before moving forward and reasons are given for why the repair should be made. Then, upon approval problems are fixed. After electrical repairs are made, they are followed by a period of testing and quality assurance. Customer satisfaction is a primary goal not only during the initial electrical repair but also long after the job is completed.


Are repairs expensive?

Customers receive more value from our services than the initial cost outlay. Also, The electrical repair services are competitively and fairly priced. When customers need our services the most, we do not take advantage of them. Furthermore, we do not price gouge or up-sell unnecessary repairs or services. Furthermore, our customers not only receive repaired electrical components, but also insightful expert advice about their electrical setup. We care about the future of our customers’ homes and offices. So, the value delivered from building a relationship with expert local electricians is well worth the price.


Lightning Protection

Does your home or office have protection from the electrical damage of lightning strikes? A lightning strike can render electrical appliances throughout the home or office useless. That includes electric ovens, laundry machines and many more appliances. Instead of having to replace these expensive appliances after a lightning strike, we offer an affordable solution to protect your valuable electric-powered appliances from being fried in the first place. It’s a simple solution that can save you a lot of time, hassle and money from replacing large expensive appliances.


Full List of Services

To see a full list of services we offer, not just electrical repair services, please go our electrical services page.

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