Process & Electrical Upgrades

In Smyrna, Georgia and the surrounding cities Powers Electrical Solutions has been increasing the value of homes and commercial buildings by upgrading electrical components. The approach for electrical upgrades is just like other electrical work–safety is a priority and the customer’s best interests are first.


Consulting & Customer Education

With changing electrical code and new tax write-off laws being implemented, knowing professional electricians is a must. Consulting is an important step in the electrical upgrade process. Customers have informative and insightful dialogue with Powers Electrical Solutions technicians. It pays for the customer to have insight into their electrical problems and information about tax write-offs they will receive based on their new electrical hardware. Oftentimes upgraded electrical components means lower energy costs and less maintenance. The knowledgeable and trustworthy electricians at Powers Electric deliver this outstanding customer experience.



Installing electrical components is a very specific process. Powers Electric ensures safety and quality for customers by adhering to strict internal processes for installation. It is very important that the Georgia electrical code is followed to the highest standard as well. Powers Electrical Solutions also respects customers by keeping a clean and safe work environment. Furthermore, each technician has ample knowledge and experience to safely remove old electrical components and install new ones.


Green Living

Electrical efficiency is an important part of green living. Upgraded electrical components utilize newer technology that is often more efficient. Therefore they consume less energy and minor electrical upgrades can result in a reduced carbon footprint. Tax write-offs for select LED lighting, solar panels and other solutions may also be significantly cheaper when paired with a reduced electric bill from less energy consumption.


Best Practices for Older Homes

Was your home or office built in the 1970’s or 80’s? Building code and electrical code have changed significantly since then. Old electrical wiring and other electrical configurations may be dangerous or negatively affect other aspects of your home or office. If you have any questions or concerns about the quality or safety of your current electrical setup, please give us a call. We are passionate about implementing the best electrical practices and eliminating risks for our customers.


Why Should I Upgrade?

In short, the long-term benefits customers receive from savings, efficiency and reliability far outweigh the cost. If your home has a high electrical bill, then we would like to assess and see if you may benefit from upgraded electrical components. Also, if you are a green enthusiast and you would like to have a more energy efficient home or office, then you may be able to achieve your goals by upgrading. Furthermore, installing new hardware can also modernize the look of your home or office.


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