Powers Electrical Solutions is the electrician Smyrna GA home and business owners trust. If you have never really needed the services of electrical contractors before, what do you need to know about hiring one today? More importantly, what types of electrical services do these experts perform?


Finding an Electrician for Your Business

Becoming the electrician Smyrna GA companies call is no small feat. The business-friendly climate of the city – coupled with its location near major interstates – makes it a hotbed for industry expansions and entrepreneurial enterprises. Not surprisingly, plenty of tech companies are eyeing the city as a potential new home. Experts in the field of industrial and commercial electrical services carry the responsibility for making warehouses, retail locations, and health care facilities operate without power interruptions.

Examples of the work Powers Electrical Solutions performs include:

  • LED retrofits for switching out expensive to run light bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs
  • Outdoor lighting adjustments and additions that assist customers with wayfinding and promote safety
  • Lighting design and installation services for new businesses coming into the area or those building out existing venues
  • All kinds of electrical upgrades, diagnosis work, and subsequent repairs that occur on an as-needed basis


Becoming the Electrician Smyrna GA Home Owners Call

Because of the tech boom, the city welcomes many new residents. Baby boomers rub elbows with young families who appreciate the dynamic vibe of the city. New home construction has introduced many to the advantages that home automation brings to the table. For others, the absence of this feature is a good reason to call a residential electrician.

Powers Electrical Solutions is known not only as an expert to call for all kinds of commercial electrical services but is also the go-to electrician Smyrna GA residents trust. Examples of the repair and installation work the company performs include:

  • Home automation setups customized for your needs and usable via your phone
  • Safety checkups and repair work when the electrical panel in the home is outdated
  • Exterior lighting design and installation for ambiance and safety
  • Electrical diagnosis of homes, sheds, garages, and other parts of a property

Because electricity is no laughing matter, call the residential and commercial electrician who offers a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. The experts at Powers Electrical Solutions provide you with innovative service at a fair price. Most importantly, you get the small-town type of friendly customer service that so many others in the business have lost.


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