West Midtown Atlanta is an area of Atlanta, GA, which can also be referred to as “The West Side,” and combines sections of the city just west of midtown, or the I-75/I-85 Connector. It can include neighborhoods and sections of the city such as Knight Park/Howell Station, Marietta Street Artery, Blandtown, Bolton, Berkeley Park, Hills Park, King Plow and Atlantic Station. West Midtown Atlanta has really boomed in recent years as an artsy, re-gentrified area birthed from old low-cost neighborhoods and industrial buildings. King Plow and Atlanta Station are examples of co-working and live-work-play areas, while many other neighborhoods are examples of old cute home renovations. Overall these neighborhoods represent an attractive area of Atlanta, growing with the trends while not being overly costly.
And with growth in office, industrial and residential areas come electrical needs. Do you have an electrical need? Want to add lighting to brighten up a room? Do you need room rewiring? Attempting to do it yourself can be dangerous or highly complex. You want to let a pro do the best work for you.

But finding a good, experienced technician can be difficult. With Powers Electric Solutions, you will find a solid, reliable electrician. Our electrical services are licensed, bonded and insured. You can rely on us to provide quality, expedient service at an acceptable rate – right here in West Midtown.


Our Values

At Powers Electrical Solutions, we believe that there is great power in amazing customer service skills and traditional character qualities, such as honesty, integrity, personal responsibility and professionalism. Therefore, we ensure that all of our electricians in Marietta Ga meet these high qualifications before we hire them.
However, we also know that each of our customers expects excellence in work quality. We focus on ensuring our electricians are highly trained to provide high quality professional workmanship. We keep customer loyalty by providing free estimates and providing customers with honest answers to their questions.


Our Services

We provide both commercial and residential electrical installation and repairs. Our residential electricians provide the following services:

  • Lighting Design and Installation
  • LED Retrofits
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Work
  • Safety and Prevention
  • Home eletrical
  • Electrical Diagnosis and Repair
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Electrical Installation
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Generators and Uninterrupted Power Supply


Commercial Electrical

We offer both commercial and residential electrical services. With Powers Electric Solutions, you will get an electrician that understands the unique needs that your industrial or commercial property contains. While some companies offer electricians who primarily work on homes and yet claim to do commercial work, we have solid electricians that know the differences between the two and how to best approach those differences.
Whether you are seeking upgrades, lighting services or LED retrofits, Powers electricians will provide you with knowledgeable work and repair. We work with offices, apartment complexes, retail outlets, warehouses, and additional commercial properties. Choose us to be your commercial West Midtown electrician.


Your Residential Local Electrician

Whether you need an electrician to repair your flickering light, or for an overall electrical upgrade, we offer the experienced electrical contractors you need for your home. Choose us for your installation, upgrade or repair needs. In addition to traditional electrical services, we can also offer you ways to cut on overall energy costs to make your home much more efficient.
Electrical costs are rising for both homeowners and businesses. Did you know that LED lighting saves you money on your energy costs? Call us to get LED lighting for your home. With a LED retrofit, you will be able to conserve energy and have money for other things.
Another way to save on energy and costs is through home automation – and we do many smart home technology installations. Forget to turn down the heat or turn off a light? With home automation, you control your home systems from a smart phone, regardless of your location. Ask us about turning your West Midtown house into a smart home.

Contact your Local Electrician

From electrical installation to home automation, Powers Electrical Solutions offers the expert electrical services you need. Whether you need residential, industrial or commercial electrical services, repair work or installation, we have the expertise required to give you a job done right. Contact us today to make a service appointment. When you need a local West Midtown electrician, turn to Powers Electrical Solutions.


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