Outdoor Lighting

Seeing the beauty of homes in your Atlanta neighborhood illuminated with outdoor lighting is a delight that you can add to your own home. When you have spent endless hours keeping your home’s exterior appearance, your lawn, and your yard in pristine condition, why not enjoy the view at night? Whether you spend evening time out on the patio, deck, porch, or the balcony, adequate landscape lighting adds a luminous glow across your property.


Design Process

Deciding on the design for your outdoor lighting is a very easy and simple process. Because landscape lighting is a strong talent of the professional Atlanta area electricians of Powers Electrical Solutions, they understand how to highlight the elegance of the local trees, bushes, and flower gardens at night. Imagine the exquisite picture your home will present when guests come to visit at night. You know it will be a sight that they will always remember.


Security and Safety

In addition to the added beauty and the curb appeal, outdoor lighting also increases your property’s security and safety. Power Electrical Solutions is a locally owned and operated certified electrical firm that proudly serves the residents in the greater Atlanta area and the surrounding communities with all of their outdoor lighting needs.


Unique Lighting Design

We totally understand each homeowner’s desire to have a personal, unique design that will bring out the ambiance of their property. Your skilled and experienced electrician will work with your ideas and provide you with electrical options to bring your plans into reality. Here are some landscaping areas and tips to consider for illuminating your outdoors after dark.


Beneficial Landscape Lighting Areas

Spring and summer in the Atlanta area are the ideal times to thoroughly enjoy the fragrances in the air and the glory of your manicured outdoors. Some of those areas that can benefit from external lighting include:

  • Tree foliage, especially Peach Trees
  • Bushes, Hedges, and Flower Gardens
  • Walkways, Garden Paths, and Steps
  • Gazebos
  • Balconies, Patios, Enclosed Porches and Decks
  • Barbecue Areas
  • Outdoor Spas and Swimming Pools
  • Fish Ponds, Wishing Wells, and Water Ponds
  • Front Entrance Ways
  • Driveways, Garage and Parking areas, and Side Doors


Tips for Outdoor Lighting

Use different forms of lighting to accent different areas of your property. This can include:

  • Ambient Lighting

    Ambient lighting covers the front and back areas of the grounds with lighting that is neither dim nor harsh. Spotlights attached to the upper frame of the home will illuminate large portions of your grounds.

  • Task Lighting

    Task lighting highlights specific areas of activity where your family and guests will be able to see what they are doing. This is very effective for evening celebrations or dinners on the back patio, for after dark swimming, and for happy hour entertaining.

  • Accent Lighting

    The use of lamp posts, pathway lighting, and electrical scones provide a way to feature specific areas of your landscaping such as your favorite shrubs, flowers, lawn ornaments, walkways, and garden paths.

  • Motion Detectors

    These are very effective for the sides of your property that are not normally lit after dark. The detectors can be activated by small animals, but they will certainly turn on when an unwanted individual trespasses onto your property.


Get in Touch with Powers Electrical Solutions

Your home and the surrounding grounds are your most prized possessions. With the professional skills of a Powers Electrical Solutions electrician, it can be as picturesque and as secure as your own private castle. Contact us today for personal review and estimate of your outdoor lighting plans. Call us by phone at 404-645-6843, email us at ppowers@powerselectricga.com, or submit our convenient contact form on our Contact page.

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